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Sunday, 14 November 2010

20th Century Fox: Avatar

Last year, twentieth century fox produced a popular, multi award winning movie called Avatar. This film was great with the use of 3D and the amount of effects to create reality. Also, 4D viewing was available for a lot of money but it wasn’t advertised as much. A lot of money and years were put in to make this film as successful as it was. Without the use of other companies and links, you could say that this film wouldn’t be as ‘amazing’ as it is today. 

By word of mouth this film got widely advertised itself. On December the 16th, Avatar was internationally released and it broke box office records and became the highest grossing film. James Cameron then signed with 20th Century fox to continue to make a trilogy after following its success. 

After the film was released there were many games, songs and books available to purchase. This was all part of their extended promotions. 

 Leona Lewis was asked to sing ‘I See you’ where a music video with scenes from Avatar were accompanied which was released 4 days before the film on MySpace. In October the magazine ‘Empire’ used some of the photos shoot images as an exclusive section in their monthly issue. 

Coca Cola and Twentieth Century Fox teamed up to create a worldwide marketing campaign to promote the film further. Coca Cola Zero used images of Avatar on them which allowed the audience to engage a greater interest in the movie. Also, Fox network promoted the film through a series called Bones which starred the main character Joel David Moore as a recurring actor.

A book was also released in November 2009, called the ‘The Art of Adventure: James Cameron’s Epic Adventure’. This book includes production sketches and artwork of the film.  Another book was released in February 2010 about the actual story of Avatar with more scenes in it. This carried on from the success the film already had.

Lastly, video games were made on PS3, Xbox, Nintendo Wii and iPhone. The game called James Cameron’s Avatar was released on the 1st of December. Also, to add to the amount of various media promotions, action figures were added to the list. It was quite unique in the fact that each action figure had a unique 3D web tag which you could scan in your webcam and reveals specific content which is special to each figure. Other action figures were given in McDonald’s happy meals in various countries such as, UK, Argentina, Brazil, USA and China.

Overall, Avatar was a big movie that amazed many around the world and they were able to continue their phenomenon through various media companies.

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